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The 3 T's 3 Policies are an integral part of this party in which it describes our tax plan federally and 3 policies that generally describe what we advocate for.

3 T'S

The 3 T's stand for 3 taxes. Seeing as the tax system in the United States is broken and favors the extremely wealthy, we wanted to completely replace all current federal taxes with 3 easy-to-understand and difficult-to-loophole types of taxes that will generate the same revenue we currently see from our current tax system. When deciding these 3 tax policies, we wanted to increase the effective tax rate on large corporations and lower it on small businesses and the working-class American.

Land Value Tax

TL;DR: We plan to levy a flat Land Value Tax of 5% which we estimate will generate a majority of tax revenue.

Land Value Tax (LVT) is a simple, well-tested, and hard-to-avoid tax that taxes the value of the land itself. To clarify, the value on top of the land isn't taxed. Preferred by economists, this tax fights against the natural economic efficiency we usually see from taxes.

Not only does this promote efficient land use but it also taxes larger corporations heavier than just a regular small business or working-class citizen. We plan levying a flat LVT taxing 5% the value of land in America. We estimate this would generate approximately $2.5 trillion annually (as of 2021) and therefore cover a majority of the needed tax revenue.

Flat Income Tax

TL;DR: We plan to levy a Flat Income Tax of 5% which we estimate will take 2nd place in generating federal revenue.

Flat Income Tax (FIT) is a replacement for the current Income Tax we have now in the United States. When talking about our current tax rate words like bloated, biased, and comically long come to mind. With a Flat Income Tax it's a very basic rule: a percentage of your income is taken yearly no matter your status or situation.

FIT is to increase the effective tax rate and reduce loopholes in the system. We plan to levy a 5% Flat Income Tax which applies to corporations and the individual. We estimate this tax will generate $1.5 trillion annually in revenue (as of 2021). While regressive in nature, this is mitigated due to how little it will be taking from your overall income.

Carbon Tax

TL;DR: We plan to levy a Carbon Tax at $50 per metric ton with an annual growth rate of 5%.

Carbon Tax (CT) is a main combatant in fighting climate change as it incentivizes corporations to find more sustainable means to operate. One thing we must realize and consider is the external costs in an economy E.G. pollution. Pollution is expensive as it costs lives, hurts capital, and dampens the efficiency of the nation overall. So, it's only fair to tax such external costs.

We estimate a Carbon Tax at $50 per metric ton with an annual growth rate of 5% will raise $200 billion annually (as of 2021).

3 Policies

The 3 Policies is a basic description of what the Stair Party is about: economics and incentives tied together in order to create a more prosperous America — for the individual and for the corporation.

More Pay

TL;DR: We plan to raise the minimum wage to $20 an hour and per business, raise the wage of all workers to the equivalence of the pay increase percentage of the lowest paid worker’s increase in wage due to the new minimum wage.

In 2018, net productivity of the nation is at 252.9%. Also in 2018, hourly compensation for this net productivity is at 115.6% — essentially meaning workers in America are paid half then what they should be paid. Therefore, we only feel as if it's necessary to raise the minimum wage to $20 an hour along with pay raises across the board to compensate for this. To be more specific, according to the lowest paid worker in a corporation, pay increases will be raised relative to that lowest paid worker. For example, if a corporation's lowest paid worker is $7.25 an hour, according to the new minimum wage that means that worker will have a 175% increase in their pay. Therefore, all workers in that specific corporation will need to receive a 175% pay increase. After this drastic increase, the minimum wage will be increased annually according to the inflation rate that year.

This policy will be implemented over a period of years rather than all at once. This policy will also only go into effect in union with Universal Education in order to make sure the inevitable unemployment increase that occurs will just be frictional rather than permanent as well as our policy for small business (More Businesses policy) subsidies in order to prevent mass small business extinction.

Such a pay increase will not only benefit an individual but will benefit the economy. Generally, more pay = more spending = more revenue for businesses and more taxes being paid = more revenue to the government = more money to improve quality of life.

More Rights

TL;DR: We want even more standards of living to be naturally guaranteed in America and it goes as follows: Right to Universal Education, Right to a Clean Environment, Right to Subsidies and Low-Interest Loans as a Small Business, and Right to Open a Business with as Little Risk and Complications as Possible.

In the current year, we see it as only fitting than a working-class citizen can obtain further rights to guarantee a higher quality of life. Therefore, we have 4 rights that we feel should be naturally guaranteed as an American citizen: Right to Universal Education, Right to a Clean Environment, Right to subsidies and low-interest loans as a small business, and Right to Open a Business with as Little Risk and Complications as Possible.

Right to Universal Education allows any American to educate and retrain themselves for greater job opportunities and therefore better living standards.

Right to a Clean Environment makes sure that the beauty of nature is cherished and kept safe for future generations to enjoy.

Right to Subsidies and Low-Interest Loans as a Small Business guarantees anyone wanting to found a business in this country with products Made in the USA can do so with ease and without worrying about ruining their life over it.


Right to Open a Business with as Little Risk and Complications as Possible makes sure opening a business in America doesn't result in a struggle with the bureaucracy. 

More Businesses

TL;DR: We plan to transfer all subsidies given to large corporations and hand them to small businesses as well as promote and subsidize small businesses which create their products in the USA.


In a 2014 study of state and local subsidy awards, Good Jobs First found that 75 percent of cumulative disclosed subsidy dollars have gone to just 965 large corporations, with Fortune 500 parent companies alone accounting for 43 percent of the total. That is ridiculous to think of. Why do billionaires get these subsidies and not the average small US business? A major priority for the Stair Party is transferring all subsidies from these large corporations and giving it to small businesses that create their products in the USA.

A domestication project is also very much overdue in the United States. We lose around $1 trillion in trade every year. It's time to start making Made in USA products once more through incentives such as subsidies and low-interest loans. However, these rewards will not go out to large corporations, rather to small businesses wishing to meet the criteria and therefore not only closing the trade deficit gap, but also abstracting power from large corporations and handing it to the small businesses of America.

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