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The New American Dream is the desire for an efficient government that assists us to fully utilize the freedoms and rights we have in the land of opportunity as well as expand upon these freedoms and rights in order to ensure hard working Americans are compensated accurately. 


Our government has become a bureaucratic beast that is beginning to become unable to perform the duties assigned to it. This infection has spread to all institutions run by the government in one way or another. For example, the military industrial complex and medicare are both areas of our government that are hemorrhaging money but provide little bang for our buck. As a result, both of these sectors must be completely reformed.


Following the steps of the Swiss model, the Stair Party plans to decentralize the American healthcare system by replacing Medicare and Medicaid with a system in which private health insurers are required to offer basic coverage to everyone, regardless of age or medical history. At the same time, all citizens must take out basic health insurance. The federal government will act as a mediator offering subsidies to hospitals and influencing premiums and medical costs through regulation and restrictions. A major reason for health insurance costs rising is the issue of healthy individuals opting out, unhealthy individuals opting in, and therefore private health insurers increase their prices in order to maintain profits. The Stair Party’s plan based on the Swiss model will solve this issue, give citizens the choice of which health insurance they want to use, remove inefficiency in the government’s bureaucracy, and most importantly reduce the cost of health insurance for the citizen and the government.


The F-35 program is a prime example of the incompetency the United States government posses when it comes to keeping the cost of our military in check. Around $1 trillion in spending for development and the expected cost to produce an F-35 has doubled. The result? A plane that has barely met the requirements and expectations set out for it. Such a pattern is seen throughout the entirety of the United States military and the Stair Party will make sure such waste of taxpayer dollars won’t occur by holding contractors accountable and creating an efficient military bureaucracy. A reduction in military spending will occur but there will be no loss in the prowess and power of our military.


For the vast majority of the population, education equals success — there’s no other way about it. More access to free and higher quality education for Americans will result in a more successful workforce. A more successful workforce means more taxes for the government and more money being spent in local economies which boosts everyone’s general quality of life. Therefore, the Stair Party advocates not only for universal education, but also increasing funding to public schools in general. In total, the Stair Party plans to spend an extra $250 billion a year on education to give new generations one of the most important tools needed to succeed in the land of opportunity. On top of that, the Stair Party plans to have public schools completely funded on the federal level in order to ensure equal education for every American no matter their location or economic status. Public schools being funded by property taxes as they currently are leads to further economic inequality as the richest neighborhoods have fully funded schools while schools in low income communities are left with underfunded schools and therefore worse education for their children. This education reform will be paid for by our tax plan explained in Respect Our Dollar. 


For the current workforce of the nation, accurate compensation has been lacking. In fact, ever since 1979, the productivity pay gap has been growing. From 1979, productivity in our nation has grown 61% and hourly pay has only grown 17% as of 2020. Before this gap occurred, workers were compensated equivalent to their productivity. As a result, the Stair Party plans to raise wages across the board by 44%. For reference, this would put the minimum wage at $10.43 an hour. To clarify, this wage raise will not increase our inflation rate as no new money is being used in the money supply. Businesses will be using their capital in order to pay their workers more which does not result in money being printed.


As stated in Revive the Rust Belt, a main priority for the Stair Party is to not only bring businesses back to the nation, but also put these newfound businesses in the hands of small business owners rather than large corporations. 75% of cumulative disclosed subsidy dollars have gone to just 965 large corporations, with Fortune 500 parent companies alone accounting for 43% of the total. Why do billionaires get these subsidies and not the average small US business? A major priority for the Stair Party is transferring all subsidies from these large corporations and giving it to small businesses that create their products in the USA. Along with providing subsidies for small businesses, the Stair Party plans to have low interest loans available for small businesses to take advantage of. The end goal is to allow individuals to found a new business which creates its products 100% in the United States to open a business with as little risk and complication as possible.


Finally, the natural beauty of the United States must be protected for current and future generations to enjoy and cherish. While the Stair Party is dedicated to creating a nation free from fossil fuels, the Stair Party plans to go a step further by banning chemical disposal in water streams and converting 30% of all national forests to national parks. On top of that, the Stair

Party plans to institute regulation which would make using recycled plastic when possible mandatory for corporations as only 9% of recycled plastic in the United States is actually recycled. In order to encourage further recycling efforts, the federal government will encourage individuals to recycle through monetary rewards.


All in all, these reforms and plans will allow us to achieve the New American Dream. After all, a land of opportunity is best when there are tools to help one utilize the rights, freedoms, and of course opportunity available to the individual.

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