America’s foreign policy direction has not been revised since 2001 despite the drastic change in world politics. Our battle for absolute dominance in the Middle East has failed. Even when we try to leave the region as we did in Afghanistan, we create disasters. In just about every corner of the world, American influence is retreating. It’s time to change direction, create peace and stability through new means, and concentrate our resources on the most important regions.


Like said before, the bipartisan push from the upper echelon of politics to completely dominate the Middle East has turned disastrous. Nothing was completed other than bloodshed of American troops and local civilians. Further proxy wars between Russia, Iran, and to an extent China will only continue the current stalemate we are observing. To bring peace we must take a diplomatic approach. Following in the steps of the Congress of Vienna, the Stair Party plans to create a balance of powers in the Middle East with major players such as Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Israel, Turkey, and of course the United States in order to draw out where one nation’s sphere of influence begins and another ends. This would allow us to free up troops, give stability to the region, save the taxpayers money, and most importantly end the bloodshed. Israel’s independence will be maintained no matter what.


The Chinese government is our #1 enemy in foreign affairs economically, diplomatically, and militarily. They are the only nation that can truly depose the United States’ status as the sole superpower of the world. Therefore, our attention must be completely focused on containing the nation’s influence. Nations such as Russia, who aligned themselves with the Chinese Communist Party because there was no other option, would be a prime ally in the objective to contain China. Because Russia and China’s ambitions for spheres of influence are conflicting, we can secure a new ally in the fight to keep China’s sphere of influence within its borders through negotiation. To be clear, Russia does not have the capability to stand against the United States as a rivaling superpower. Russia’s ambitions are regional and do not harm the greater integrity of the United States economically, militarily, or diplomatically. Along with Russia, India and Taiwan will be crucial players in the fight to contain China and it’s vital we pursue further relations with both of these nations as well.


Africa has been largely untouched as a region in American foreign policy despite its importance on the world stage. Russia and China have both been making advances through investing and securing military bases on the continent. Meanwhile the United States government is sleeping on Africa’s potential. A major priority of the Stair Party’s foreign policy platform is to economically invest, secure military bases, and strengthen our current alliances on the continent.


In order for the United States to remain the sole superpower of the world, our foreign policy must be updated to reflect the current situation in the world rather than the situation of 20 years ago.