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While the American people are struggling to live paycheck to paycheck, the United States government spends an extraordinary amount of money on foreign military aid as well as sending troops across the globe to only secure the interests of the elites and oligarchs of our nation. As our nation continues to divide and break down due to the corrupt and oligarchal practices of the two-party system duopoly, the only thing these two parties seem to agree upon is sending more troops overseas to die in foreign entanglements.


The Stair Party plans to take a different approach when it comes to foreign policy. That approach is replacing military power and economic aid with diplomacy. As a start, the Stair Party plans to discontinue military bases in nations that are not members of the NATO military alliance and therefore send these troops back home to the nation to continue to serve. The only exception to this plan of action would be military bases in Central America, South America, and the Caribbean which should stay maintained. The Stair Party also pledges to end all foreign aid in all forms given across the globe in order to keep American dollars in the American economy for the American people. Moreover, we plan to use a significant portion of these freed up funds to finance veteran aid services of which the current services and aid offered to our veterans in order to reintegrate them back into society after serving their nation is insulting.


The bipartisan push from the upper echelon of politics to completely dominate the Middle East has turned disastrous. Nothing was completed other than bloodshed of American troops and local civilians. Further proxy wars between Russia, Iran, and to an extent China will only continue the current stalemate we are observing. To bring peace we must take a diplomatic approach. Following in the steps of the Congress of Vienna, the Stair Party plans to create a balance of powers in the Middle East with major players such as Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Israel, Turkey, and of course the United States in order to draw out where one nation’s sphere of influence begins and another ends. This would allow us to free up troops, give stability to the region, save the taxpayers money, and most importantly end the bloodshed. Israel’s independence will be maintained no matter what.


For future and current conflicts raging across the globe, the Stair Party plans for the United States to act diplomatically rather than economically or militarily so as not to become entangled in regions where there is no need for American taxpayers or soldiers to suffer the consequences.


China will continue to be viewed by the Stair Party as the United States’ greatest rival and challenger to our superpower status.

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