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Local University Chapter

🖈Kutztown, PA​​

The Stair Party of Kutztown University is the first local initiative of the Stair Party. They seek to make an effective local impact, be the very first regional stronghold of Stair Party ideals, and spread the core values of anti-partisanship and civic discussion to make political discussions — from the individual level to debates between fellow political clubs — calm and collected debates rather than an insulting contest.

The Stair Party of Kutztown University plans to prove the effectiveness of Stairist ideals rather than just be a local recruiting chapter often seen in other political organizations. While details cannot be exposed, one can guarantee that at the very least the plan of action currently in play will be interesting to observe for the outsider and the fellow Kutztown University student.

If you are a Kutztown University student and interested in joining, please click the button below and you will be redirected to their local club page!