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Alex is a student of Kutztown University who is majoring in political science and minoring in public administration. His interests in politics are focused around the local level, healing the ever-deepening divide in America, and seeing an end to the two-party system.


Alex aspires to run for Pennsylvania House district 124 on a message of promoting small business creation, protecting the state's beautiful farmland and environment, funding public transportation projects, decentralizing power to local municipalities, and ridding his state government of its corruption currently present and growing each election cycle.

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Vice Chair

Sabrina was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and is currently completing a degree in Community Mentoring at Kutztown University. Sabrina has a dedication to her community and specifically takes an interest in the Supreme Court, constitutional law, and how our legal system affects our nation’s operations from the federal all the way to the local township.


Sabrina joined the Stair Party as she believes the Republican and Democratic parties do not uphold the important legal foundations laid out by our founding fathers and wishes to build something new that can reform our system so that it can work for all Americans.


In her leisure time, you can typically find Sabrina painting, reading, or spending time with her cat Elizabeth.




Alexis was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and moved to the states in 1978. He went to Louisiana State University for a Master's in Business Administration in which he studied the field of accounting. Alexis worked for notable companies such as Chevron as an internal auditor and B.Braun as an accounting manager. 


Alexis has always been dissatisfied with what he calls the "two party mafia system" and wishes to see this country to become a "a real democracy and not a duopoly."


He now resides in Palmerton, Pennsylvania where he stays engaged in the happenings of his local community and always encourages everyone to support local businesses.

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Robert is a political science major currently studying at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. Even when he was young, Robert always had an interest in studying government and politics.


Seeing how the current two main political parties have failed many Americans, Robert entered the third party scene and joined the Stair Party to help be the change that he wanted to see in the world.


Aside from politics, Robert has an interest in gardening and baking. He is also an active member in the campus community fighting for students and making sure accountability is present for the university’s student government.

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National Committee

Jerry was born in the Appalachian areas of Massachusetts and raised in Rhode Island. He graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a double major in psychology and in criminology & criminal Justice.


He is proud to serve as the Chair for the Stair Party of Rhode Island, where he is dedicated to building a strong and engaged community of similarly-minded individuals who are committed to creating positive change in their state and beyond.


Jerry believes that there's a “significant level of dysfunction within our political system that the current ruling duopoly refuses to address.” That's why he is committed to raising awareness among Americans that they have more than two choices in our elections, and that the "wasted vote" myth is just that – a myth.


Jerry is eager to utilize his education and experience to support the Stair Party's mission and bring about positive change within our communities. He also stated that, “it is my sincere hope that my contributions will make a meaningful impact in our pursuit of a better future for all Americans.”



National Committee

Dr. Amy Chai was born in the Motor City and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She has a MD with a Master of Surgery and treats complex patients and addicted patients. 


Dr. Amy Chai became interested in politics because she was sick of watching people die from overdoses while corrupt and inefficient government spending did nothing but make things worse. She saw in her profession how the divisive rhetoric from the partisans and the demonization of poor people was causing people to consider suicide and try drugs to numb the pain. Amy came to the realization that instead of solving problems, our leadership was simply using problems to create predictable voting demographics. 


Amy ran for US Congress in 2022 as an independent, and learned a lot about political power and cash. Connecticut is very unfriendly to third parties and all the third parties lost their ballot access in 2022 except for the Independent Party.


She became very interested in the Stair Party because it prioritizes ordinary people and decentralization. She feels that excessive central power and top-down governance is not a good fit for a free and diverse people.

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National Committee

Charles first got into politics during his junior year of high school when he thought about how few individuals were in charge truly represented the American people. He thought to himself “I could do it” and since then, politics has been his greatest passion, especially when it comes to economics and quality of life. Charles is now attending American University majoring in Political Science and minoring in Physics.


Charles has been involved in the third party political movement and therefore heard through the grapevine about the Stair Party. What really got his interest was their flexibility in their platform, and how it was oriented around getting into local politics before national politics. As an individual who wants to represent the people in his community, this was a perfect situation. Charles believes the Stair Party, due to its unique branding and the passionate mindset of everyone involved, can make big waves in third party politics.


In his pastime, Charles enjoys dabbling in history, writing, and physics.

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National Committee

Jed is your average North Dakotan-raised Midwesterner who is enthusiastic about improving and learning about the world around me. Jed has a lot of interests in natural science, philosophy, economics and technical writing. In his free time, he is an aspiring author and gaming enthusiast.


In the midst of attempting to create his own third party with the same passion and goals, Jed discovered and joined the Stair Party as having more people with varying backgrounds working for the same goals is “refreshing and exciting.”


On Minnesotan politics Jed stated that, “Reforming the Republican Party won’t work, and the remaining bits of the farmer-labor movement inside the Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party are long gone. It is imperative that we destroy what has been corrupted, and reboot the way we do politics.”

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National Committee

Peter was born in Chicago and lived in a southside suburb for 12 years before moving to Dallas, Texas. He is really interested in law, politics, business, and plans on running in the House of Representatives in the near future.


Peter came across the Stair Party one day on social media anI wanted to see what it was about. It turned out that the Stair Party's beliefs and principles aligned with his, so he reached out and has now been a dedicated member of the team ever since.


In his free time, Peter plays basketball, video games, makes music on YouTube, and reads up on philosophy.



Internal Security Director

Matthew Rodgers was born and raised in the dead middle of Louisiana and is currently enrolled at Louisiana Tech University where he is majoring in psychology.


Witnessing the inefficiency of his state government to provide for the people, Matthew plans to run for the Louisiana House of Representatives district 27 and is dedicated to fighting the hyperpolarization that he witnesses in his community as well as having a passion for combating poverty and corruption which is rampant in the state.


In his free time, Matthew likes to read books about the human condition and its role in politics as well as psychological papers.

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