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Hey, I'm Alex.


I'm a big fan of psychology, history, economics, politics, and I plan to run for PA House of Representatives District 126 in 3 years. I swear I'm not the person at the dinner table talking about politics.

I was born in Pennsylvania, moved to Florida, then Washington State, then back to Florida, then Missouri, then back to Pennsylvania. By far, Pennsylvania has been my favorite place to live and I don't plan on leaving.

For what I like to do in my free time, I like doing stocks and playing games like Hearts of Iron 4 and Rust. The occasional existential crisis is also just lovely (derogatory).

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Social Media Manager

Hey everybody, I’m Joseph.

I’m a podcaster on Spotify (So I’ve Been Thinking) who found out about the Stair Party through Alex’s TikTok and I contacted him for an interview on the podcast.  After reading through everything that he and the Stair Party stands for, I knew I wanted to help in whatever way I could. One thing leads to another and now I manage the Instagram account. 


I was born and raised in Oakwood, Georgia and went to Columbus State University to study Music Education. However, I dropped out to focus on learning more about myself and the world as a whole. I still find time to play my trombone and since dropping out, I have picked up guitar, bass, and am furthering my skills on the piano. 

As for in my free time I enjoy just hanging out with my friends, playing on my Xbox, and I play a lot of Minecraft. But, I also enjoy absorbing as much information as I can through YouTube, podcasts, books, documentaries, etc. Overall, it’s a really good time and I hope to be able to assist the Stair Party for years to come!

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Social Media Coordinator

What's up everyone, my name is Peter Olusanya.


I'm really interested in law, politics, and business. I plan on running in the House of Representatives in the near future, although I'm not sure where yet.


I came across the Stair Party one day scrolling through TikTok and I wanted to see what it was about. It turned out that the Stair Party's beliefs basically aligned with mine, so I contacted Alex Darlington for an interview, and now I manage the Stair Party YouTube account.


I was born in Chicago and lived in a southside suburb for 12 years before moving to Dallas, Texas. In my free time, I play basketball, play video games, make music on YouTube (Pierre Picasso), or read up on philosophy.

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Social Media Coordinator and Editor

How's it going, my name in Matthew Rodgers.


I've lived in Louisiana my whole life and I love the culture and great people here. I'm currently enrolled at Louisiana State University at Alexandria in which I'm majoring in Psychology. But, I'm also involved in politics and I plan to run for Louisiana House of Representatives District 27.


I've known Alex for some time now and eventually we started talking politics. I agreed with some of his views and eventually he offered for me to run the Stair Party LinkedIn account.

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