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Check out who's leading the Stair Party movement!

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Hey, I'm Alex.


I'm a big fan of psychology, history, economics, politics, and I plan to run for PA House of Representatives District 122 in 3 years. I swear I'm not the person at the dinner table talking about politics.

I was born in Pennsylvania, moved to Florida, then Washington State, then back to Florida, then Missouri, then back to Pennsylvania. By far, Pennsylvania has been my favorite place to live and I don't plan on leaving.

For what I like to do in my free time, I like doing stocks and playing games like Hearts of Iron 4 and Rust. The occasional existential crisis is also just lovely (derogatory).

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State Party Leader

My name is Dr. Amy Chai, MD, MS. I treat complex patients and addicted patients. I was born in the Motor City and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana. 


I became interested in politics because I was sick of watching people die from overdoses while corrupt and inefficient government spending did nothing but make things worse. The divisive rhetoric from the partisans and the demonization of poor people was literally causing people to consider suicide and try drugs to numb the pain. I finally understood that instead of solving problems, our leadership was simply using problems to create predictable voting demographics. 


I ran for US Congress in 2022 as an independent, and learned a lot about political power and cash. Connecticut is very unfriendly to third parties and all the third parties lost their ballot access in 2022 except for the Independent Party.


I am very interested in the Stair Party because it prioritizes ordinary people and decentralization. I feel that excessive central power and top-down governance is not a good fit for a free and diverse people. I love the idea of local platforms that represent "We the People!" I am here to help. 

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Chapter Leader

Hey everyone, I’m Jed.


I’m your average North Dakotan-raised Midwesterner who is enthusiastic about improving and learning about the world around me. I have a lot of interests in natural science, philosophy, economics and technical writing. In my free time I am an aspiring author and gaming enthusiast. I mainly play survival sandbox or collecting games, write short stories, and do journaling.


I joined the Stair Party in the midst of attempting to create my own third party with the same passion and goals. Having more people with varying backgrounds working for the same things is refreshing and exciting.

Reforming the Republican Party won’t work, and the remaining bits of the farmer-labor movement inside the DFL are long gone. It is imperative that we destroy what has been corrupted, and reboot the way we do politics. 

Join me in creating a new American Dream. 

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Chapter Leader

How's it going, my name in Matthew Rodgers.


I've lived in Louisiana my whole life and I love the culture and great people here. I'm currently enrolled at Louisiana State University at Alexandria in which I'm majoring in Psychology. But, I'm also involved in politics and I plan to run for Louisiana House of Representatives District 27.


I had known Alex for some time and eventually we started talking politics. I agreed with some of his views and he offered for me to run the Stair Party LinkedIn account. From there, I offered to start my own Stair Party chapter in Louisiana.

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Social Media Coordinator

What's up everyone, my name is Peter Olusanya.


I'm really interested in law, politics, and business. I plan on running in the House of Representatives in the near future, although I'm not sure where yet.


I came across the Stair Party one day scrolling through TikTok and I wanted to see what it was about. It turned out that the Stair Party's beliefs basically aligned with mine, so I contacted Alex Darlington for an interview, and now I manage the Stair Party YouTube account.


I was born in Chicago and lived in a southside suburb for 12 years before moving to Dallas, Texas. In my free time, I play basketball, play video games, make music on YouTube (Pierre Picasso), or read up on philosophy.

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Social Media Coordinator

Hey everybody, I’m Gage.

I’m a big fan of politics, history, and government. I take a particular interest in European history, especially the medieval and the Victorian era. My favorite team is the Oilers. However, I will root for the Leafs and Rangers. I’m also very interested in football with the New York Giants being my favorite team along with the jets. Mike White for president!

I joined the Stair Party to take the next step in my political career and to help spread the message that this party is so very passionate about.

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Social Media Coordinator

Hello, I'm Maxwell.


I'm primarily interested in philosophy, theology, politics, and natural science. I run a YouTube channel which catalogs and interviews various political, religious, and philosophical thinkers. I come from the Philadelphia region and I love the moderate politics of Pennsylvania. I think it's a great place for a party like the Stair Party to gain a foothold.


I found the Stair Party through my YouTube channel, after the Chairman of the local "Keystone Party" got me in contact. I'm supportive of the Stair Parties ideas, especially in regards to election reform and individual rights. I'm currently working with the Stair Party to expand their online presence and bring in new supporters — especially on YouTube

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Outreach Coordinator

Hey everyone my name is Raheim.


I am a computer science major and my hobbies consist of fishing, writing, gaming, the gym, and much more. I pretty much have an interest in most things.


I decided to join the Stair Party because I like to help people when possible and joining this party puts me in a position to help as many people as I can as well as letting people's voices be heard.

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