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Innovative "Stair Party" Begins Full Launch


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Alex Darlington, Chair

Press Contact

Anthony Jay Porter, Independent agent


KUTZTOWN, PA - Following the appointment of a new National Administration Committee, the Pennsylvania-based Stair Party is announcing its plans to seek greater relevance as a national political force. The organization has previously soft launched via a series of local pressure groups across nine states since its founding by Kutztown University student Alex Darlington in February of twenty twenty-one.

Generating ballot lines is far from the party’s only goal. The primary pursuit of the Stair Party is to create local activist cells in cities and counties where political independents can meet and discuss the issues facing their communities. “Chapters in the party are encouraged to create local platforms that address the issues in their community,” says Darlington, emphasizing that local chapters are relatively autonomous. “There is no encompassing ideology that we think will solve all of the nation’s problems. That is a fool’s errand. There is a national platform, but it only addresses issues that absolutely need to be addressed, either on the federal level or in two or more states.”

The creation of a local Stair Party is allowed to take different forms depending on the needs of the community. The Stair Party of Kutztown University encourages students to run for student government as its primary purpose. In the eyes of the organization’s leaders, the most important thing for a local cell to have is a spirit of civic duty and community service. Darlington states: “We aren’t just another moderate party. We are not moderate. We are community-centered with an emphasis on local politics.”

The Kutztown University chapter is currently the largest electoral organization on its campus.


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