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Introducing Our First Local Candidates

Alex Darlington

Running for College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Representative for Kutztown University Student Government

Timothy Grayson Masters

Running for College of Business Representative for Kutztown University Student Government

The Plan

Due to COVID-19, layoffs in the South Dining Hall (one of the two food courts at Kutztown University) caused the first floor to be completely shut down. This has left only the second floor of the dining hall to be partially functioning as even the layoffs have affected the second floor. Because of low wages, nobody has claimed these jobs after the original layoff. Therefore, the Stair Party of Kutztown University Student Government candidates plan to negotiate wages with the Kutztown University Administration in order to get the South Dining Hall running at full efficiency.

Why is this Important?

The Stair Party believes that even on the most local level, our platform can make an impact. While other parties focus only on federal action in order to prove their platforms, we believe that a party must be effective at every level and must be a positive force in every local community it has a presence in. Since the Stair Party of Kutztown University is the first local initiative of the party, it’s our first step in proving this ideology.

Interested in Taking Action?

Want to make your own local impact? We would love to have you on board! Check out or join our discord here to get in contact with the party about your intentions to create a local initiative. We will figure out an efficient plan of action together.


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