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ON THE GROUND ACTION: Louisiana Tech Chapter Helps Independent Candidate for Governor

Stair Party of Louisiana Tech members assisted on-campus with the Hunter Lundy campaign for the 2023 Louisiana gubernatorial election. Hunter Lundy ran as an Independent, anti-corruption candidate and received 5% of the vote in the October 14 primary. Pictured above Louisiana Tech chapter leader Matthew Rodgers with Hunter Lundy.

When asked about the wider impact this race will have on building an alternative in Louisiana, Matthew stated, "With Mr. Lundy making it farther than many other Independent candidates before in Louisiana, it shows a great yearning for anyone who isn't chained to partisan lines, and can speak openly to the suffering people of Louisiana."

When asked about what are the next steps for the chapter and what the future has in store, Matthew added, "The chapter will make its claim known to the students of Louisiana Tech and I'll be sure every student has at least once heard of the Stair Party and its dream for not only this campus, but Louisiana and how much better things can truly be."


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