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Stair Party on Jane’s Revenge

As with everything concerning modern American politics, political extremism is the prerogative of radicals and the Duopoly’s innate influence on our country.

So called, Jane’s Revenge, has openly attacked Pro-Life Institutions known as Pregnancy Crisis Centers. It must be made clear, the official position of the (National) Stair Party is neutral on the Issue of Abortion, in accordance with the United States Constitution. Attacks on either faction of this social and moral debate (including said institutions associated) that threaten the lives and property of said factions, is unilaterally condemned by the Stair Party.

Clarification: The (national) Stair Party is focused on what the basic functions of the federal government is meant to be carried out under the direct guidance of the Constitution. As such, the Tenth Amendment therefore grants State Stair Party Branches to formulate their policies in accordance to their constituents/representatives of said States.


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