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The Stair Party's Response to the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

On February 22, Russia launched a large scale invasion of Ukraine. We at the Stair Party condemn such actions as the ignoring of diplomacy by Putin has led to men, women, and children dying. There can and will be no justification of a war not seen on the European continent since World War 2.

Recently, we have seen journalists reacting in a discriminatory manner when it comes to the refugee crisis that has resulted in the war calling the refugees different than the individuals coming from nations such as Syria or Afghanistan. Using words such as "more civilized" to describe the refugees coming from Ukraine and therefore implying that one should feel more sympathy for the Ukrainian refugees than the Syrian, Afghani, or other refugees not originating from the European continent. This is just an example that the people that are of the upper echelon are just as inconsiderate and distasteful as they always were and merely hid behind the façade of social justice. Systematic racism has not been wiped from the United States and this recent event of journalists showing their true colors is a perfect example of that.

Moreover, there has been high war fervor against Russia that has resulted in some people online calling the Russian people "a nation of terrorists" and "barbaric." This, just like the situation with the journalists, is condemned by the Stair Party. Let's not forget the majority of the Russian people are against this war and the people who declared it were Putin and his administration — not the 134 million ethnic Russians that exist in our world.

Finally, we have also seen prominent individuals calling for intervention and a no fly zone over Ukraine. This is not supported by the Stair Party as any sort of intervention by the United States and NATO in the Russo-Ukrainian war will at the very least embroil the United States in another foreign war that costs American lives, money, and resources and at the worst cause a third world war possibly resulting in nuclear war and the end of humanity. A majority of Americans do not want to see our troops fight another war overseas. The Stair Party does support the sanctions being imposed on Russia as well as the removal of Russia from SWIFT.

As for our platform in our foreign policy, the larger strategic thinking of our foreign policy has not changed. Russia's strategic interests are relegated to regional disputes that do not threaten the greater integrity of the United States economically, militarily, or diplomatically. We still believe China is our #1 enemy in foreign affairs economically, diplomatically, and militarily. We still would like to see Russia become a functioning member of the international system of diplomacy and we would still like to see Russia as a partner in the coalition against containing China.


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