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Local platforms for local issues.

The Stair Party is built on the ideology of Stairism. Therefore, how the party functions is built around the core principles of Stairism which are self determination, promoting humanity over ideology, and decentralization.


In order to find out more about how the party functions, we must discuss further in depth what each principle means.


Self Determination


By self determination, we mean that an individual is entitled to pursue self actualization without the government or institutions interfering either through laws or regulations as long as said individual’s actions do not affect other individuals around them. For example, you have the self determination to marry any person you want, but you don’t have the right to assault or abuse someone or something on the pretense of self-determination. There is more intricacy to this principle but the overall idea is that nobody or nothing should trample on your rights and individual freedoms.

For how this principle affects how our organization functions, it allows us to have a balance between the bureaucracy of the party and the individual. Meaning, there will be no overbearing and bloated bureaucracy that dictates and judges every single action of a Stair Party member. But at the same time, there will be no sacrifice of efficiency of the party bureaucracy and the overall functionality of the organization under any pretense. After all, the Stair Party is building a movement to fight the two-party system duopoly and we must not halt or hinder progress of its construction.

Promoting Humanity Over Ideology


A lot of what we see in American politics currently is a sort of neo-puritan movement in which political parties attempt to crusade for the most pure version of their ideology. Due to this struggle for ideological purity, many parties divide and disintegrate in one form or another leaving them focusing more on internal matters rather than external expansion. Because of these observations, the Stair Party will not focus on questioning the purity of its ideology. With that, the Stair Party will never conduct purity tests on individuals within the party and tie one’s character to their faith in the ideology. As a party, we strive to listen first to understand and be a bridge builder between people rather than a divider. We also strive to promote civic dialogue and social cohesion in general.


For how this principle affects how our organization functions, it guarantees a party built on merit and leadership personalities rather than neo-puritans. The Stair Party focuses on amplifying the individual and their efforts rather than the party using the individual as a Trojan Horse to further the party brand. Therefore, the Stairism movement, as it grows, will continue to be built around individual leaders that are autonomous, self-sufficient in decision making, and with an intent to serve their local community rather than party bureaucrats. With that, the Stair Party will also amplify those leadership personalities attempting to build a personal brand out of their local community efforts be it constructing a university chapter, county chapter, state party, etc. as to use that brand to become well known enough in order to become an elected official.




A national platform and plan of action cannot address everything. That is because communities, cities, and general regions are constantly changing and therefore the problems that need to be addressed in those regions are constantly changing. The issues that need to be solved in a city in Vermont will be completely different from a town in Texas. The national platform can therefore only address the issues that involve the need of nationwide efforts and are problems only the federal government can solve such as a foreign policy, major nationwide projects, etc. We support decentralization in the way that we respect a local government’s rights to decide what is best for their local region within the restrictions of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. We also respect and actively will always promote the local culture, practices, history, and architecture of each region and community in order to continue the existence of what is a diverse nation.


For how this principle affects how our organization functions, it is highly encouraged for local chapters to create local platforms that specifically address the issues of that local community and region. We highly discourage local chapters just promoting the national platform with the exception of the national platform’s stance and promotion of Stairism. Local chapters are also expected to be as integrated with their local community and institutions as they are with the party. They are not to act primarily as local recruiting centers for the larger party. Rather, they are expected to act as local community problem solvers that are dedicated to helping their local community in one form or another.

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