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Stairism is the ideology of a nation working towards a common goal, promoting an economic platform above all else, and leaving social issues to the regional government while the national government guarantees equality for all citizens and prevents discrimination. The ideology is built on the principles of self determination, promoting humanity over ideology, and decentralization.


The United States is arguably as divided as it was during the Civil War. With both the Republican and Democratic parties failing completely to help the working class American, both parties have resorted to fueling the flames of division of their respective ideology in order to stay in office. This, along with overspending, gerrymandering, and other acts of blatant corruption have allowed both institutions to survive for longer than desired. Nevertheless, such promotion of partisanship has drastically empowered radicals and left the majority of Americans astray and worried about our nation’s future.

However, when the only choices you have are a Republican or Democratic candidate, there is no third option to choose. While some individuals would make note of the Libertarian, Constitution, or Green party, all of these political organizations contain inefficient bureaucracies that are more focused with internal matters rather than becoming a legitimate and successful third party. Despite 62% of the population wanting a third party, none of these candidates have been able to successfully take advantage of such an opportunity. For all intents and purposes, there is no legitimate third choice for Americans. That’s where the Stair Party steps in.


By far, the most dividing issue of the United States is social issues. However, the most important issue for 79% of Americans is the economy. Rightfully so as the state of the economy, for the most part, determines your everyday living standards. However, the stances on social issues vary from state to state quite drastically. Citizens from Vermont will undoubtedly have differing opinions on social issues than citizens from Texas. And, stances on social issues are non-negotiable for many. Everyone however can work towards the common goal of how we can make this country richer and ourselves better off as a result. Economics can be the great unifier of this nation. So, the ideology of Stairism comes into play.

Unlike mask mandates and abortion policies, a unified economic policy is required for a country to maintain any resemblance of nationhood as well as maintaining economic prosperity for citizens of said country. While many can argue the importance of a social issue such as a federal mask mandate, its existence is not foundational for the functionality of a nation. Therefore, the Stair Party of the United States officially only will take a stance on social issues that are so tied to the economic prosperity of the nation that a plan must be drawn out and intentions for reform proclaimed on the federal level. Such issues will be lined out in the platform of the national party through the national party's official stances and policies.


Let it be clear though, Stairism will make sure any policy, law, etc. that outright takes away the rights of any American outlined in the Constitution or any policy, law, etc. with the intention of disenfranchising any group of individuals and/or benefiting a group of individuals that doesn’t benefit the wider population will be met with condemnation and rejection from the federal government. As in, the federal government will take action against any sort of policy promoting discrimination on any level of government.


Stairism is the solution to heal our divided nation, make significant progress in our government, and give Americans a legitimate third choice. Because of this, the Stair Party officially identifies and will always identify with the ideology of Stairism.

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