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Americans focus too much on the federal level. It's time to change that.

The American nation is on the wrong pathway. The current direction of lowered standard of living, centralization of wealth in the hands of global elites, and the dissolution of the American community shows that a new, stabilizing force must emerge to create a movement that topples the existing status quo through rapid and fundamental change.


As federal politics becomes increasingly ridiculous and full of political elites attempting to cling on to power through fearmongering the population against each other, the American community has been divided, polarized, and left a shadow of its former self. The obsession with the drama-filled and emotionally driven factors of national politics leads political activists to get roped into the leviathan political machine which only seeks to maintain the status quo of what can be seen as a new Gilded Age for the United States in which oligarchs have more power over American democracy than the people do. Many of these political activists are born on college and university campuses as students seek to find their place in the political landscape.

In response, the Stair Party seeks to entirely reject involvement in the federal political struggle and instead build centers of alternative thinking and localism on college campuses. We encourage individuals to focus on their respective city, township, parish, borough, and/or student government. Local politics is more of what politics should be: a tool used to discover the most efficient way to govern collective resources be it road maintenance, police department, fire department, etc.

It's time to rebuild our local communities.

Want to start your own chapter?

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